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ServoOne _ a multi-talented single-axis expert

The AC-powered ServoOne single-axis servo is suitable for a broad spread of applications thanks to its very wide power output range. From handling systems to complex test rigs, there are no limits to the diversity of applications covered:

  •  4 - 450 A rated current with 3 x 400 - 480 V AC mains power supply
  •  Overload factor up to 200 % at 8 kHz switching frequency
  •  8 sizes for optimum performance tailoring

The fluid-cooled model greatly enhances performance. Protection against overheating due to malfunctions in the fluid circuit is provided by a fluid separation sensor integrated into the servocontroller. Regenerative energy is discharged by integrable braking resistors. Mounting of the resistors directly on the fluid cooler permits continuous braking power of up to 4 kW. To limit line-borne interference emission to the permissible level, all ServoOne units up to 72 A are fitted with an integral mains filter.

Maximum flexibility is ensured by two option slots in the ServoOne. Alongside many dif-ferent field bus modules, other options available include analog outputs, encoder simula-tors, etc. And of course the options are already factory-fitted as an aid to installation and commissioning. Quick and easy serial commissioning is enabled by the MMC memory card, which holds all the drive data, the firmware and also your iPlc programs.

The integrable safety control enables you to fulfill your safety requirements with a solution which is economical, compliant with standards, and above all future-proof. This drive-based machine safety solution is particularly well suited to complex motion tasks.


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